Welcome to Gamesley Fold Cottage

Wild flowers in the Peak District
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Welcome to the Gardens

Walking through the rustic gate, in to a country cottage garden, which is nestled in a picturesque area near Glossop, you are greeted with a mass of colour, similar to a paint box of water colours. Poppies, with heads so large, they look like beautiful delicate bowls.

The garden at Gamesley Fold Cottage, is both delicate and enticing, with a wildness that gives the choice of flowers and shrubs the most ideal and natural setting.

 The rustic walks of meadow grass and stone, take you on a magical journey, filled with little secrets, quirky friends and colours that can only make you feel happy and free. Little corners of this garden, unfold new surprizes, the sounds of nature, and the surrounding hills give a sense of calm.

A walk through the Gardens

Gamesley Fold Cottage, 10 Gamesley Fold  Glossop SK13 6JJ,
Tel: 01457 867856

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