Wild Flowers and Herbs

Wild Flower & Cottage Garden Plant Sale.
Lots of wild flowers are very attractive, colourful and make very garden worthy plants.
A large selection of wild flowers and herbs can be obtained from the nursery at
Gamesley Fold Cottage.


 Wild flower collections can be supplied to grow and create a range of wild life habitats for gardens and open spaces.
      • Plants suitable to introduce into garden borders
      • Meadow collections (Spring & Summer)
      • Hedgerows, Woodland, Butterflies & Insects
      • Damp meadow collections, Wild ponds, Bog gardens
      • Old cottage garden
A good colourful planting of wild flowers and herbacious perennials which attract lots of butterflies, Thalictrum, Sweet rocket, Inula, Campions and many others. 
      • Garden fan-tailed doves are often available for sale